Dr. Jenny Brockis, Medical Practitioner, International Speaker and Author has long been fascinated by the brain and human behaviour.

Her mission is to become the Jamie Oliver of brain fitness, making brain fitness as widely appreciated as nutrition.  

She works with individuals and organisations assisting them to overcome the challenges of change fatigue, information overload and cognitive exhaustion that are frequently associated with our complex and often highly complicated lives. She believes brain health is the biggest (positive) disruptor to future organisational success.

A professional speaker and accredited Member of the Professional Speakers Association, Jenny was awarded the Arthur Garvey Trophy in 2010 as Speaker of the Year.

She has continued her own brain's education with further study into the Neuroscience of Leadership, is the author of three books, "Brain Fit! How Smarter Thinking Can Save Your Brain", "Brain Smart : How to Regain Focus, Manage Distractions and Achieve More" and the best-selling Future Brain: The 12 Keys To Create A High Performance Brain (Wiley)." She writes a blog, is a regular contributor to business and general magazines, and has featured on national TV and radio.

Jenny is seeking to raise brain awareness, and to develop a brain friendly culture that values and nurtures our most precious asset - our brain.

When taking a break from researching, writing and speaking,  Jenny loves to travel the world and continues to challenge her long standing fear of heights.

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