Get all brains working at your next conference

Dr. Jenny Brockis is an award-winning speaker, qualified medical practitioner and brain fitness specialist. She works with people who recognise that a fit brain is as vital as a healthy body. Brain fitness can make the difference between 'just getting by', and gaining the competitive advantage vital for success in today’s busy, complex, challenging world.

So what is brain fitness? Greater brain awareness leads to elevated engagement, insight and innovative thinking. The latest academic research demonstrates how it underpins greater mental performance.
Long fascinated by the human brain and behaviour, Dr Jenny shares her knowledge and expertise of how and why people think and act - and how to change.
Each presentation is uniquely tailored to her clients' needs. Clients have found Dr Jenny's passion and enthusiasm infectious, inspiring real change in their business.

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 4 great keynote topics:

An ideal opening keynote to get brains buzzing
Brain fitness is not a 'nice to have': it is essential for the high mental performance that leads to greater business success.
A high level of brain awareness raises wellbeing, quality of life and the capacity to think well.

Every moment of every day, distractions can cut efficiency and productivity. Techniques to stay focused underpin the ability to grow and develop business performance.
Knowing how to re-train your brain means being able to faster and handle more complex tasks.

Change is a constant, but our brains are wired to resist. When you're leading a team through 'interesting times', that can be a business risk.
Knowing how to overcome the brain’s natural resistance is vital to effective and enduring change.


Human thinking and behaviour is rooted in our species' evolution, and doesn't always work well 'out of the box' today. Understanding how self directed neuroplasticity can change how brains work, equips you with a toolkit to face the future.


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