Booked Jenny for a keynote? Why not make your whole conference brain friendly?

With a packed program of speakers, how can you ensure every attendee will get the most value from the event and take away the key messages?
Brains learn best when happy, relaxed and with time to reflect. Often it's the activities round the edge of the main sessions that leave a lasting impression.
Dr Jenny has a series of short, engaging extra-curricula sessions to make the most of time away from the main hall.

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Option One: Breakfast of Champions:

Discover which healthy foods are best for your mind and cognition

Option Two: Body and Mind Refreshers

Five minute refreshers between sessions to move your body and stretch your mind

Option Three: Pick The Brain Doctor's Brains

A private booth, a private question, a private answer

Option Four: Expert opinion

A 15 minute interview with Dr Jenny on a specialist brain topic

Option Five: Mind and Brain

A mindfulness session to quieten thoughts, consolidate ideas, and promote learning