It's more then fish & walnuts: bringing your best self to work

The key to success in today's busy, complex and rapidly changing world is enjoying a high level of brain fitness. Learn how brain awareness is the first step to tuning up your brain so it runs like a Ferrari not a Go-Go mobile.

Brain fitness is not a nice to have: it is the essential prerequisite for higher mental performance and success in work and life.

It's not that we don't know what to do, it's about prioritising and placing a high value price tag on what really matters, identifying our non-negotiables and taking action to implement effective and enduring lifestyle change.

Creating a healthy brain that is optimised to work at your best, allows you do bring your best self to work, get more done, to the level you know you're capable of so as to have time and energy spare to spend with those you care about.

30-60 minutes.

Brain aware: give your brain the attention it deserves to boost mental performance

Prime delegates to get the most out of their brains for the entire conference or event

Add five-minute brain refreshers spread through the day to keep delegates fully engaged and attentive