the science of connection:

Adapting to a brave new world. 

Decisions, problem solving and fast thinking depend on our level of change agility - a skill set that can be learned to help ourselves and influence others. It's about the understanding of how our social intelligence  determines our perception of the world at large.

Change is a constant, yet our brains are wired to resist. Leading a team or business through 'interesting times', can be a business risk without the understanding of what really motivates us to connect, contribute and collaborate.

Moving towards greater possibility thinking requires a new mindset, a positive attitude and a reframe of our worldview.

Elevating human connection helps reduce workplace toxicity and silo mentality  through the introduction of curiosity, trust and greater happiness at work.

30-60 mins

Learn strategies to persuade the sceptics

Improve interpersonal communication skills

Develop more meaningful working relationships